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Welcome to Pan African Radio, your rhythmic escape to the heartbeat of Africa! Immerse yourself in the vibrant fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds, where each beat tells a story, and every note celebrates the diverse tapestry of our rich cultural heritage.

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About Pan African Radio 96.1 FM

Pan African Radio seeks to create an informed public with a better appreciation of local and regional cultures, ideas, and global events and it contributes to the daily lives in its legal broadcasting radius region by providing programming that develops and appreciates the Arts, Humanities, and Civic responsibility.

Our Vision is to be the most admired radio station for its staff’s performance, innovation, and integrity in promoting Pan Africanism through


We have designed some of the most interesting programs to meet the aspirations of our

listeners while making sure that we satisfy the business community that would want to put

advertisements and commercial programs.

The focus of our programming is 75% African content as we aim to promote the spirit of Pan

Africanism through quality radio broadcasting. Our News is rich in African content concerning the station's policy of 75% African content.

We have three main Bulletins;

06:45hours, 12:30hours and 17:30hours respectively.

We also run African News Headlines every hour from;

07:00hrs - 18:00hrs and African news summary at 10:00hrs, 14:00hrs and 16:00hrs respectively.

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